About Us

    Cellulite.com began in 2014 as a way to help people understand and deal with something everyone despises– cellulite!

    We noticed the internet had a lot of confusing and downright wrong information about cellulite.

    So we decided to do something to try to clear it up!

    In addition to offering up cutting-edge information and articles, we also take the time to review different treatment options.

    This includes mainly cellulite creams, but we also try to review courses, workouts, spa treatments, medical procedures and diets.

    If it claims to help reduce cellulite, then we’re going to put it to the test!

    Keep in mind we don’t accept free products or procedures in exchange for a review.  We actually go out and buy (with our own money) every single thing we review.

    We think that helps keep us a bit more impartial than what you’ll find on most other “review” sites.

    Your Host

    About Us

    My name is Elizabeth Adams and I’m the Senior Editor here at Cellulite.com.

    So what the heck does that mean?

    Basically it means I’m the one who personally tries out most of the cellulite creams, procedures and treatments you’ll read about on this site.

    Although I exercise regularly and eat pretty healthily, I started noticing a little bit of cellulite creeping up when I hit my early 20s.

    Rather than wait around and let it get worse, I decided to hit it head-on.

    And that’s why I’m obsessed with finding the best (and most realistic) solutions to removing cellulite.


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    Elizabeth Adams
    Senior Editor, Cellulite.com