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Professional review of Apex Booty Butt Enhancing Cream. See how it compares against other cellulite creams.

Apex Booty Butt Enhancing Cream ReviewProduct Name:  Apex Booty Butt Enhancing Cream

Overall Rating:  1/5 Rating

Product Type:  Lotion

Size:  1.69 fl oz

Price:  $64.99 (+ $4.99 Shipping)

Cost Per Ounce:  $41.00

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Notable Ingredients:  Green Tea, Soy Protein, Vitamin E, Macadamia Seed Oil

Quick Summary:

Overall, I give Apex Booty Butt Enhancing Cream 1/5 stars.

I wish I could give it 0 stars because it’s a total scam and waste of money.

This company simply infuriates me.

For one, the cream doesn’t work AT ALL.  So just don’t even bother.

It’s pretty much a disgustingly overpriced, lackluster lotion that has miraculously deceitful “results” plastered all over it.

Second, this company is just so appalling and unethical.

They tout they’ll give you a free trial if you just pay for shipping.

I didn’t even want to put the website in the main links because I don’t want anyone to get sucked into this trap.

So, here’s the website if you’re curious: https://apexbootypop.co/.

You can buy it on Amazon but it’s still about $30 and it’s just NOT worth it.

Don’t do it.

So this company says if you pay for shipping, $4.99, then they will send you a bottle, which is a month’s worth of product.

But what they don’t clearly state is that they will automatically bill you $64.99 every.single.month. until basically forever.

It’s almost impossible to get a hold of this company and many people just have to cancel their credit cards just to get them to stop taking money out every month.

The whole thing is a disgusting scam and just makes me so mad.

And to make matters worse, they just give all these ridiculously fake promises of what this cream will do.

It says it’ll make your booty pop quickly and easily in as little as 2 weeks.

And that it “stimulates new growth of cells and muscles in the areas applied meaning a bigger, fuller looking booty”.

Also, “No weight gain: targets only your booty area and boosts & lifts your butt. Get a thick, round booty in no time!”

Plus, it says it “plumps and tightens from the topical layers, reducing cellulite and stretch marks.”

The whole thing is just insane, so pretty please stay away from this company and their money stealing tricks.

Detailed Opinion:


Apex Booty comes out of the bottle as a white, creamy lotion.

The texture is nice and smooth.


Application is pretty easy.

Just pump out a quarter size amount of cream and rub onto your booty twice a day.

Use gentle, circular motions to blend it in.

It goes on easily but I found I needed way more than just a quarter size amount.

Drying Time

This cream dried pretty quickly.

It only took a few minutes for it to fully absorb.

BUT it dries STICKY.

That’s such a pet peeve of mine!

Smell (in the bottle)

In the bottle, this cream has a very light smell.

The scent is pretty much the smell of original or unscented lotion.

The smell was fine and didn’t bother me.

Smell (a few hours after application)

After a few hours, this product fades to absolutely nothing.

I’m glad it didn’t have a scent to it.

I prefer “unscented” cellulite creams more often because sometimes companies just pack on the pungent perfume.

Short Term Results

Short term, I thought my skin felt a little softer.

But that’s it.  Nothing else.

Long Term Results

After using this cream for a while, I saw zero results.

Nothing. Zip. Nada.  No improvement with my cellulite.

It’s such a massive waste of money.

I could buy a .99-cent lotion to get the same “results”.


Apex Booty touts 4 main products for its “butt enhancement” cream.

Some of these ingredients may be beneficial but it’s hard to say how much of these ingredients are even in the product.

Green Tea has antioxidants that are believed to slow the signs of again and help smooth skin.

Apex Booty includes Soy Protein because they say that putting protein on your skin helps deliver protein to your muscles beneath and “keeps your muscles firm and strong”.  That’s absolutely absurd.

Vitamin E is another antioxidant that may help improve skin tone, moisturize skin, and promote the production of collagen.

Apex uses Macadamia Seed Oil because it “stimulates pituitary glands to raise hormonal levels that boost the volume of your butt.”

Just… what the heck?  That’s so ridiculous.


If you get this cream from the Apex website, it ends up costing a total of $69.98 for a 1.69 fl oz bottle.

So you end up paying $41 per ounce of product, and it supposedly lasts 30 days (but mine ran out faster than this).

That’s so ridiculously expensive, especially for such a crappy product.

Don’t waste your money!

Even if you buy it from Amazon it’s about $30, which is still grossly overpriced.


The Apex brand is a total joke and scam.

Aside from everything else wrong with them and their ethics, they obviously don’t have any sort of guarantee.

You can hardly even, if ever, contact their customer service department!

Stay away from them!

Where To Buy

To buy Apex Booty Butt Enhancing Cream, click here.

Apex Booty Butt Enhancing Cream: Summary

Factor Apex Booty Butt Enhancing Cream
Overall Rating 1/5 Rating
Texture/Feel White, creamy lotion
Application Pretty easy, apply 2x daily to booty
Drying Time Dries quickly, but stays sticky!
Smell (In Bottle) Smells like “original”, unscented lotion
Smell (After) Smell fades away completely
Short Term Results Skin felt softer
Long Term Results Zero!  Total waste of money
Notable Ingredients Green Tea, Soy Protein, Vitamin E, Macadamia Seed Oil
Price Costs $64.99 per bottle + $4.99 shipping, $41 per oz
Where To Buy Click Here

Apex Booty Butt Enhancing Cream Review

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