Celebrity Cellulite: Any Different Than The Rest Of Us?

    Celebrity CelluliteHave you ever noticed a lot of websites LOVE to post pictures of celebrity cellulite?

    The paparazzi is infamous for taking thousands of frame-by-frame pictures with high-powered cameras just to get that ONE unflattering shot of a celebrity exposing some cellulite or stretch marks.

    After witnessing this for quite a few years, we decided to ask ourselves why celebrity cellulite is such a big deal.

    The simple answer, in our opinion, is it reminds us all that our cellulite is normal… and virtually everyone has it!

    Since celebrities are idolized by the media, we find it “comforting” that these larger-than-life personalities have the same flaws, problems and issues that the rest of us have (and believe me, they do!)

    Make no mistake about it, Hollywood actresses, fitness gurus and even world famous supermodels all struggle with cellulite as they get older.

    So don’t feel bad if you have some yourself!

    So now that we know that cellulite is a normal part of the aging process, and 90% of all women have it, does that mean we can’t do anything about it?

    Heck no!

    Here’s What You Can Do Today…

    Just like celebrities, there are a lot of things you can do to drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite, if not get rid of it altogether.

    Now, you might not have $2,000 a month to spend on lasers like Jessica Simpson does, but there definitely are some things you can do that cost much less.

    Most of these involve getting fit and healthy on the inside, and taking care of your skin on the outside.

    Things like exercise (both cardio and muscle building), eating right, losing weight, sleeping enough, exfoliating and using special cellulite creams can all have a big impact on the appearance of your cellulite.

    For celebrities whose job it is to look good, these are all things they do on a regular basis to keep their cellulite at bay.

    And luckily, most of these cellulite-busting steps are all things you can do with a little effort and determination (and of course, some money).

    For a complete list of all the things you can do, check out our post on cellulite treatments.

    The options range from things that cost virtually nothing (like drinking enough water and exercising) all the way up to very expensive medical treatments (like lasers and skin fillers).

    No matter which treatment steps you choose, keep in mind that the more of them you do, the better.

    Start by eating right, drinking more water  and exercising.

    Once those become a habit, try exfoliating on a regular basis and getting more sleep.

    From there, reduce stress by stretching, meditating and getting an occasional massage.

    Finally, start using specially-formulated cellulite creams and self tanners (great for making cellulite less noticeable).

    Through it all, be easy on yourself and enjoy your progress as you make it.

    Fighting cellulite is an ongoing process that can have a lot of great benefits outside of just minimizing your cellulite.

    You’ll look better, feel better and function better in your everyday life…

    So keep at it!

    And remember through it all, cellulite is extremely common, even among our favorite celebrities!

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