The 11 Best Cellulite Foods You Need In Your Diet Right Now


    What are the most effective cellulite foods to eliminate those pesky bumps and dimples?

    This is a question we’ve all asked at some point!

    No one wants cellulite, even though it’s something all of us have.

    No need to fret though because there are countless ways to get rid of cellulite.

    Be sure to check out these awesome 17 different cellulite treatments!

    Combined with the cellulite busting foods you’ll find below, you’ll have a great regimen to banish those unwanted dimples.

    It’s best to use these treatments in tandem, the more the merrier for banishing bumps!

    Start off with the ones you’re most comfortable with and go from there.

    One of the simplest ways is to tweak your diet.

    Food is your friend when it comes to defeating cellulite.

    Not just any food, obviously, but incorporating the right foods and making small adjustments to your overall diet.

    Our simplified cellulite diet plan establishes the basics you need for getting rid of cellulite.

    Once you have the basics, it’s time to incorporate the most effective cellulite foods!

    The 11 Best Cellulite Foods

    cellulite busting foods

    These cellulite-busting foods not only work great but taste great, too!

    They are as effective as they are feasible in daily dishes.

    No sugar-free cardboard meals, here.

    Just yummy super foods that get the job done!

    1.  Salmon


    Salmon is touted for its health benefits and for good reasons.

    It’s loaded with antioxidants that are able to minimize fat cells found in cellulite.

    Salmon is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids aka good fat.

    Seems like an oxymoron, right?

    In fact, these good fats can lessen appetite, decrease inflammation, boost collagen, and bolster connective tissue.

    All of these attributes promote proper circulation and the delivery of vital nutrients to the body.

    2.  Eggs


    This classic breakfast item hits our list for one of the top cellulite foods.

    It can stave off cellulite like a champ.

    Eggs are high in lecithin, which strengthen the connective tissue that keeps fat cells in place.

    So, more lecithin = minimized cellulite.

    Eggs also have a ton of minerals and vitamins that are crucial to the body.

    High protein levels promote healthy cell repair and function, which are beneficial for keeping cellulite at bay.

    3.  Watermelon


    What better way to celebrate summer and that new cheeky bikini than a slice of watermelon?

    Watermelon gets its delightfully red color from the antioxidant lycopene.

    This powerful antioxidant boosts blood circulation, which is super important for smoothing out annoying cellulite bumps.

    Another lovely perk of this delicious fruit is that it protects you from heart disease.

    Not too shabby!

    4.  Broccoli

    broccoli bowl
    Image via Women’s Health

    Another health staple full of vitamins and minerals is broccoli.

    These tiny looking trees pack a powerful nutritional punch.

    Every floret possesses beauty-boosting nutrients, while still being low-calorie.

    Broccoli contains alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), which you may recognize from some of your favorite skin care products.

    ALA helps with oxidative stress and prevents the hardening of capillaries, blood vessels, and reduces wrinkles.

    Try to get 1 cup or serving of broccoli 3-4x per week.

    Alternate between raw and steamed because this veggie is more nutritious when eaten raw.

    5.  Oranges


    Ironically, oranges are one of the best things to eat to get rid of orange peel skin!

    Who would’ve thought?

    This sweet citrus fruit is loaded with vitamin C, one of the ultimate cellulite fighters.

    Vitamin C helps the body burn fat, strengthens connective tissue, improves blood vessels, and boosts blood circulation.

    This makes it a total powerhouse cellulite food.

    6.  Asparagus

    Image via Glamour Magazine

    Countless celebrities deem asparagus as their go-to veggie before big red carpet events.

    Why’s that?

    Well, asparagus is low-cal and does wonders for banishing bloat.

    It’s also beneficial for detoxing and flushing out any nasty toxins.

    This veggie is bursting with anti-inflammatory properties that promote healthy blood circulation.

    All of which are super important for treating and preventing cellulite.

    7.  Sunflower Seeds

    sunflower seeds

    Great things can come in little packages!  You know, like diamonds, pearls, and sunflower seeds… ;)

    This small seed packs in a ton of skin-nourishing properties.

    Sunflower seeds are a fabulous source of zinc, vitamin E, and potassium, along with the mega cellulite fighter, vitamin B6.

    Vitamin B6 combats dimpled skin by aiding in protein metabolism and repairing and strengthening connective tissue.

    It’s a natural diuretic and can balance the sodium and potassium levels.

    This prevents bloating and fluid build up, two things that make cellulite look even worse.

    Vitamin B6 assists in collagen production, another necessity for keeping skin smooth and supple.

    Time to belly up to a bag of sunflower seeds. :)

    8.  Berries

    Image via Woman’s Day

    Berries are quite exceptional at banishing bumps.

    For instance, blueberries and blackberries help promote new skin tissue and boost the creation of collagen.

    These attributes do wonders for smoothing and evening out the texture and tone of skin.

    Berries are filled with antioxidants that break down fat.

    These fat cells are attached to the skin’s connective tissue.

    This keeps cellulite in check by preventing fat cells to push and prod into the skin layers, creating that icky lumpy texture.

    Remember, berries = no bumps!

    9.  Olive Oil

    olive oil

    Olive oil has stood the test of time for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits.

    Hippocrates referred to this oil as “The Great Healer”.

    Homer insisted olive oil was “Liquid Gold”.

    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says frequent consumption of olive oil lowers your chances of death due to cardiovascular disease.

    Wow, talk about a life saver!

    Olive oil is chock full of healthy fats, the monounsaturated kind, and thyroid protecting polyphenols.

    If our thyroid is working properly, it boosts metabolism, burns fat, and supports new skin cells.

    All of these keep fat cells and cellulite in check.

    You can use olive oil as a skin-boosting salad dressing or cook it on low heat to sauté veggies.

    10.  Flaxseeds

    Image via Step To Health

    Flaxseeds are tiny but mighty cellulite foods.

    They’re abundant in essential fatty acids (EFAs), which increase the elasticity of skin along with vitamins and minerals for strong, healthy skin.

    These are good things!

    But a bad thing is that estrogen is a main culprit of cellulite.

    And us lucky ladies seem to have quite a bit of that hormone floating around, don’t we?

    Fortunately, flaxseeds have a type of phytoestrogen called lignans, which balance out estrogen levels and keep hormone levels in check.

    This prevents estrogen levels from feeding the angry, bumpy booty beasts.

    11.  Cayenne Pepper

    cayenne pepper

    You’re in for a treat if you prefer spicy to sweet!

    This hot little number does work on unwanted dimples.

    Not only does it burn going down, but it also continues to burn for hours after (internally that is).

    Cayenne pepper revs your metabolism, burns calories, and scorches fat.

    This increases blood flow and reduces fatty deposits under the skin, the ones responsible for that puckered appearance.

    So throw some heat on your dinner dishes to totally squash cellulite.

    It’s Time To Shop!

    shop cellulite busting foods
    Image via Prevention

    So, there you have it… the 11 best cellulite foods.

    Nothing too crazy and each food can easily be incorporated into your favorite dishes.

    Be sure to stock up on these foods the next time you’re at the grocery store.

    Or just go now while it’s fresh on your mind. :)

    Here’s to yummy foods and smooth behinds!

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