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    Professional review of Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt. See how it compares against other cellulite creams.

    Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt ReviewProduct Name:  Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt

    Overall Rating:  4/5 Rating

    Product Type:  Lotion

    Size:  6.3 oz

    Price:  $59.00

    Cost Per Ounce:  $9.37

    Where To Buy:  Click Here

    # Of Ingredients:  47

    Notable Ingredients:  Caffeine, Coffea Canephora Seed Extract, Lavandula Hybrida Oil, Menthol, Disilanol

    Quick Summary:

    Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt is a unique cellulite lotion because the product comes out of a bottle with roller balls- they are used to help massage in the lotion.

    I like almost all of the qualities of this product.

    It dries quickly and has an easy, quick, mess-free application process.

    My least favorite thing about this product is the chemical menthol smell. (Luckily, it isn’t too strong and doesn’t last long.)

    The price is reasonable and the results weren’t bad either. My skin was definitely softer, smoother, more moisturized, and my cellulite was slightly less noticeable.

    So overall I think Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt is a good product that most of you will like!

    Detailed Opinion:


    Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt is a slick, tan, creamy-colored lotion.

    It feels like a mixture between a gel and lotion.


    This product is easy to apply because it comes out of a bottle between rollerballs.

    The rollerballs are used to deep massage the lotion and increase blood circulation.

    It comes out of the applicator when it is in the ON mode, but make sure to switch it to the OFF mode when massaging in the cellulite cream.

    The instructions suggest using both circular and linear motions when applying this product twice a day.

    I like the rollerball application because it’s an easy way to really massage in the cream, however this specific product does require you to use your hand to massage in any excess lotion.

    The rollerballs don’t really make things any cleaner or easier than other tube applications.

    Drying Time

    Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt dries quickly.

    It’s fully absorbed into the skin after about 1-2 minutes without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling.

    I love when there isn’t a wet or sticky feeling!

    Smell (in the bottle)

    This cellulite cream has a scent that’s difficult to explain (like many cellulite creams!).

    It smells very clean, but also kind of chemically. The best way I can describe the smell is like menthol or perhaps a spicy mint scent.

    Luckily, the smell isn’t strong or overwhelming at all.

    Smell (a few hours after application)

    The smell does get better over time- thank goodness!

    On the skin it really just smells similar to mint or menthol with a touch of lavender.

    The smell becomes very subtle, so that makes using this product much easier.

    Short Term Results

    Directly after applying this product, my skin looked and felt SO MUCH softer and smoother.

    The immediate results were not dramatic, but my skin felt awesome immediately because there’s no greasy or sticky feeling to this lotion.

    I did occasionally have a tingly sensation after applying Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt.

    It isn’t a painful or intense feeling; instead it’s a nice refreshing sensation (probably from the menthol).

    Long Term Results

    After a few weeks, I noticed skin looking and feeling softer and smoother.

    And my skin looked healthier and more even.

    I used this product on my stomach so my cellulite was still visible, but definitely less noticeable.


    This lotion has 47 ingredients in it.

    It has the traditional ingredient caffeine, which is believed to increase blood flow and fight cellulite.

    It also has green coffee beans, which contain a higher amount of chlorogenic acid.

    Essentially, they have powerful antioxidants. So, it seems that green coffee grounds may be beneficial to your skin.

    The product also emphasizes disilanol as a key ingredient. The Dr. Brandt website claims it restructures & rebuilds collagen (I’m not sure about that one).


    One bottle of Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt costs $59.00.

    At a bottle size of 6.3 oz, that works out to about $9.37 per ounce.


    If you purchase Cellusculpt directly from the Dr. Brandt website or phone number, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Be aware that they will not accept returns on any bottle that’s more than halfway used.

    This guarantee has conditions making it not my favorite, but it’s better than no guarantee at all. 

    Where To Buy

    To buy Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt, click here.

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