Is Retinol The Best Solution For Cellulite?

    Retinol and CelluliteThere may be a new use for an old ingredient when it comes to fighting cellulite!

    According to Dr. Francesca Fusco, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, caffeine plus retinol works even better in the treatment of cellulite than caffeine alone.

    It’s often the active ingredient in many of the top, cellulite-busting lotions.

    According to Women’s Health magazine, caffeine improves circulation and shrinks fat cells while retinol boosts collagen and repairs cell structure.

    It can take up to twelve weeks to see results if you’re using retinol treatments, so you’re going to need to stick with a regular retinol regimen.

    By encouraging the growth of collagen, retinol-treated skin may gradually take on a smoother look.

    Using retinol can also help to tighten the skin, filling in those puckered areas and dimples that we associate with cellulite.

    Improved skin tone will cut down (slightly) on that jiggle.

    Though retinol treatments have been shown to result in marked improvement of the skin’s appearance, remember that this is only a temporary solution – a healthy diet and regular exercise will also help to improve the appearance of your skin in the long term.

    Remember to stay hydrated as well, especially during the warm summer months.

    The idea that retinol helps with cellulite has another fan in the popular Dr. Oz.

    On one of his recent shows, Dr. Oz emphasizes hydration as well as just two ingredients that have been shown in scientific studies to bring about noticeable improvement – caffeine and retinol.

    Dr. Oz explains that these ingredients help to reduce the size of fat cells and improve the collagen fiber structure of the skin in these areas.

    Though they won’t provide a “cure,” retinol-based creams and serums do provide noticeably smoother skin in cellulite-prone areas when used repeatedly and continuously over a period of at least twelve weeks.

    In fact, one member of Dr. Oz’s audience who was selected to test a retinol cream showed improvement in just ten days.

    In combination with a healthy diet and exercise, beach-ready thighs could be just around the corner!

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