Is There Really a Simple Diet Plan to Reduce Cellulite?

    Reduce CelluliteDiet plans and eating guidelines are becoming one of the most confusing things ever.

    Whatever happened to an apple a day… keeps the [cellulite] doctor away?

    I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes, right?

    Regardless, we’re faced with confusing diets and stubborn cellulite that doesn’t know when to call it quits.

    When trying to banish cellulite for good, the best plan of action when may be the age old “slow and steady wins the race”.

    In an ideal world, we would race to the finish line in our booty baring bikinis.

    But alas, we have to approach this realistically in order to get the results we want and especially the lasting results we need.

    Cellulite creams definitely have their place in all of this.  They can make the appearance of cellulite look better but we know it’s not a magical serum.

    A cellulite cream won’t makes everyone’s butt and thighs look like a girl who squats in between every step she takes.

    But you can maximize the effects of cellulite cream when you combine them with moderate exercise and healthy eating.

    I know we all have different health requirements, nutrition needs, food allergies, and the whole gamut.

    But this is a fairly straightforward plan that nearly anyone could follow (as close to one size fits all as we can get!)

    So here are the simple diet guidelines for banishing cellulite:

    Portion control

    Our eyes are quickly outgrowing our stomachs.  But it’s not necessarily our fault; we are constantly being offered restaurant-sized portions or are bombarded with food wherever we turn.

    An easy way to keep portion control in check is by using your hand as a guide (no need to tote around a clunky food scale).

    Your palm is actually around the same size as a 3-ounce portion of meat, which is a good size you should aim for.  If you make your hand into a fist, that equals about half of a cup.  This is a good amount for starches like pasta or granola.

    The length of your thumb is equivalent to around an ounce, use this measurement for food such as cheese.  Oil can be healthy but it also packs a lot of calories.  You can judge the right amount by looking at the tip of your thumb, which equals about one serving for oil.

    Eat smaller, more frequent meals

    Instead of having 3 larger meals a day, break them up into smaller groups.  Try and aim for 3 or 4 smaller meals daily and add in 2 or 3 lighter snacks in between.

    The goal is go no longer than 4 hours without eating.  Keeping the body nourished with smaller meals makes your metabolism kick into high gear.  This is just what we want in order to torch fat and smooth out those pesky problem areas.

    Cut out 100 calories from each meal

    Slow and steady wins the race.  100 calories per meal seems minuscule, but it can add up to over 1 pound lost a week (1 – 2 pounds lost per week is a fantastic, manageable goal).

    Easy ways to cut calories are to skip unnecessary add-ons such as croutons, cheese, or mayonnaise.

    Swapping out whole milk for 1% milk, nonfat Greek yogurt over full fat, using cooking spray instead of margarine, and leaving 3 or 4 bites left on your plate can help you easily cut calories.

    Say no to processed foods

    Processed foods are loaded with fat, sugar, salt, chemicals and calories.

    None of these things help reduce cellulite and they have almost zero nutritional value.

    So skip the cookies, chips, cakes, and crackers.  Your buns, thighs, and belly will thank you.

    It’s Time To Reduce Cellulite!

    By following these simple rules of cutting 100 calories per meal, no processed foods, portion control and smaller meals, you will be well on your way to conquering cellulite.

    If you would like an extra boost in your cellulite routine, check out our top 10 list of the best cellulite creams!

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