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    Professional review of Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream. See how it compares against other cellulite creams.

    Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream ReviewProduct Name:  Medix 5.5 Argan Oil + 24KT Gold Age Rewind Cream

    Overall Rating:  3/5 Rating

    Product Type:  Creamy Lotion

    Size:  15 fl oz

    Price:  $25 (Free Shipping)

    Cost Per Ounce:  $1.66

    Where To Buy:  Click Here

    Notable Ingredients:  Argan Oil, 24KT Gold, Lotus Extract, Aloe Vera, and Coffee Bean

    Quick Summary:

    I’m a fan of Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream and rated it 3/5 stars after trying it out for a while.

    It’s $25.00, which sounds like a lot at first, but you get a huge 15-ounce bottle that lasts forever.

    They also offer 20% off if you sign up for their online newsletter!  So you save some more moola that way.

    The application process is easy peasy and the product has a pump applicator.

    This creamy lotion has a nice, light scent to it and feels awesome on the skin.

    It hydrates instantly and over longer use helped tone up some of my problem areas and made my dimples less noticeable.

    Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream may also help with acne, dry skin, and puffiness.

    The 24KT Gold ingredient is pretty popular lately and I just so happened to be using some dark circle masks this week, too, which the gold is supposed to help reduce puffiness and retain moisture.

    I like a lot of the ingredients in here and it’s vegan and cruelty-free, which is wonderful.

    Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee with this company. :(

    That’s a bummer!

    And the cream leaves your skin sticky after applying, which is a total pet peeve of mine.

    All in all, it still lands itself a 3 out of 5 on my rating meter!

    Detailed Opinion:


    Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream comes out of the bottle as a white creamy lotion.

    It feels rich and decedent to the touch.

    It’s a combo between a true cream and lotion, which I really like because it’s easy to apply.

    It’s right in the middle, not too runny and not too thick.

    I love it!


    Application is a dream!

    The pump nozzle makes it ridiculously effortless to apply and there’s no mess (like a lot of other cellulite creams out there).

    The directions are simple, just massage liberally onto skin daily, focusing on sagging skin and cellulite.

    Easy peasy!

    Drying Time

    The drying time is awesome!

    It only takes about 2-3 minutes tops to completely dry.

    That is an absolute plus to this product!

    However, the cream leaves your skin feeling sticky.

    Ugh!  That’s a big pet peeve of mine, too. :(

    At least it doesn’t feel super heavy on the skin but it’s definitely sticky to the touch for about an hour after applying.

    Smell (in the bottle)

    The fragrance in the bottle is subtle and soft.

    The smell is refreshing and has a botanical vibe to it.

    It reminds me of aloe vera and argan oil, some of the main ingredients in it.

    Smell (a few hours after application)

    The smell stays around for about an hour after applying.

    It’s light and crisp.

    It doesn’t compete with other fragrances you might have on, so that’s a perk!

    Short Term Results

    My skin was instantly moisturized after the first time applying the cream!

    It’s rich and creamy and leaves my skin so soft and supple.

    This cream is definitely very hydrating, which makes skin look so much younger.

    Long Term Results

    The long term results I saw with Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream were pretty good!

    My skin looked brighter and more evened out.

    It smoothed out some of my cellulite dimples on my booty and legs.

    My skin also looks and feels a bit firmer and more toned.


    Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream has a great deal of ingredients.

    However, 5 really seem to stand out:  Argan Oil, 24KT Gold, Lotus Extract, Aloe Vera, and Coffee Bean.

    It also has a pH level of 5.5, which helps maintain a healthy skin barrier.

    Argan Oil and 24KT Gold are believed to aid in softening, moisturizing, and hydrating your delicate skin.

    These ingredients are also thought to help protect your skin’s elasticity and diminish the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines.

    24KT Gold is supposed to benefit the skin by reducing puffiness while keeping crucial moisture for younger looking skin.

    This cream is infused with Lotus Extract, Aloe Vera, and Coffee Bean to create instant hydration for the skin.

    Lotus Extract is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B complex that assist in brightening and nourishing your complexion.

    Coffee Bean extract is used to help decrease skin’s redness and puffiness and also help exfoliate and tighten the skin.

    This product is Vegan and Cruelty-Free, which I’m a huge fan of!

    It’s also free from: Parabens, Alcohol, Animal-Derived Ingredients, PEGs, Formaldehyde, Sulfates, dyes, Triclosan, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, and Talc.


    I bought this cellulite cream on their website (

    It costs $25.00 for a pretty big 15 fl oz bottle.

    That works out to only $1.66 per ounce.

    I think that’s a great deal!

    The bottle lasts well over a month and I tend to lather it on.

    They also have 20% off your order if you sign up for their email list.


    I was looking around the Medix 5.5 website and there isn’t much additional information like a FAQ or Contact Us page.

    There isn’t any sort of guarantee on their website, either.

    That’s so unfortunate! :(

    I really wish they had something to offer their customers.

    Where To Buy

    To buy Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream, click here.

    Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream: Summary

    FactorMedix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream
    Overall Rating3/5 Rating
    Texture/FeelWhite, thick, creamy lotion. Feels great on the skin!
    ApplicationSo easy! Pump applicator makes it a breeze to apply and no mess.
    Drying TimeDries in 2-3 minutes tops, but stays sticky. :(
    Smell (In Bottle)Botanical smell, like argan oil & aloe vera
    Smell (After)Scent is soft & subtle and lasts about an hour after application.
    Short Term ResultsAlmost instant hydration. My skin feels soft & moisturized.
    Long Term ResultsSmoothed the look of my cellulite dimples and my skin feels a bit firmer and more toned.
    Notable IngredientsArgan Oil, 24KT Gold, Lotus Extract, Aloe Vera, and Coffee Bean  [vegan & cruelty-free]
    Price$25.00 for a 15-ounce bottle. Only $1.66 per oz. Great deal!
    Where To BuyClick Here

    Medix 5.5 Age Rewind Cream Review

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