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    Professional review of Skinny Cream. See how it compares against other cellulite creams.

    Skinny Cream ReviewProduct Name:  Skinny Cream

    Overall Rating:  2.5/5 Rating

    Product Type:  Cream

    Size:  6 oz

    Price:  $49.95

    Cost Per Ounce:  $8.32

    Where To Buy:  Click Here

    Notable Ingredients:  Raspberry Ketones, Centella Asiatica, Elderberry Extract, Glaucine, Green Coffee Bean, and Caffeine

    Quick Summary:

    Skinny Cream has some great qualities, but doesn’t really provide significant results.

    The cream is easy-to-use, dries quickly and doesn’t make a mess.

    Fortunately, it has a nice berry scent, but it’s stronger than I prefer.

    I really like that it makes my skin incredibly soft and smooth, but I wish it had more of an impact on the appearance of my cellulite.

    Overall, it’s an affordable product with some good qualities, but provides slightly below average results.

    Detailed Opinion:


    Skinny Cream is a white cream with a soft slick texture.


    Apply the cream to your problem area twice daily.

    The cream comes out of a squeeze tube, so it’s an easy and clean application process.

    The lotion has a grease-free feel so it feels nice and spreads very easily.

    Drying Time

    It dries in just a few minutes, which is really fast.

    The lotion doesn’t feel greasy or sticky, so that’s really awesome about this product.

    Smell (in the bottle)

    Skinny Cream has a berry scent.

    I actually don’t mind the smell of this product because it’s fresh and fruity.

    Unfortunately, the smell is a little stronger than I would prefer.

    Smell (a few hours after application)

    After a few hours the cream definitely fades into a more subtle fruity scent, which I like much more than the smell directly after application.

    Short Term Results

    Directly after applying this product, my skin felt very soft, and smooth.

    After the first few days of use, my stomach and hips felt smooth and incredibly soft.

    Long Term Results

    Longer term, I noticed my stomach/hips appearing smoother and overall healthier, but I didn’t notice a major change in the appearance of cellulite.

    Obviously the cream didn’t diminish my fat or cellulite, but it did make my skin appear better overall and made it feel incredibly soft and smooth.


    There are many common ingredients in Skinny Cream.

    I have found that caffeine is one of the most common cellulite cream ingredients. Skinny Cream contains caffeine just like many other products. Caffeine is believed to help burn off fatty deposits that cause cellulite dimples.

    It also contains Green Coffee Bean, which supposedly increases metabolism, inhibits fat storage, and promotes healthy ant-oxidant levels.

    Additional key ingredients are Glaucine and Elderberry Extract. Glaucine is believed to decrease fat deposits by reducing fluid retention and enhancing skin firmness. Elderberry Extract supposedly reduces excess fluid retention from the superficial layer of skin, which is believed to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


    One bottle of Skinny Cream costs $49.95.

    At a bottle size of 6 oz, that works out to about $8.32 per ounce.

    That’s a great deal for a cellulite cream!


    Luckily, there is a 90-day money back guarantee.

    I love when products have such great guarantees!

    Where To Buy

    To buy Skinny Cream, click here.

    Skinny Cream: Summary

    FactorSkinny Cream
    Overall Rating2.5/5 Rating
    Texture/FeelWhite thick cream
    ApplicationQuick and clean
    Drying TimeDries in about 3-5 minutes
    Smell (In Bottle)Strong fruity scent
    Smell (After)Subtle berry smell
    Short Term ResultsIncredibly soft and smooth skin
    Long Term ResultsCellulite appeared SLIGHTLY less noticeable
    Notable IngredientsGlaucine, Caffeine, Elderberry Extract, Green Coffee Bean
    PriceCosts $49.95 per bottle, $8.32 per oz
    Where To BuyClick Here

    Skinny Cream Review

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