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    Professional review of LA Skinny Cellulite Cream. See how it compares against other cellulite creams.

    LA Skinny Cellulite Cream ReviewProduct Name: LA Skinny Cellulite Cream

    Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Rating

    Product Type: Paste/Cream

    Size: 6 oz

    Price: $75.00

    Cost Per Ounce: $12.50

    Where To Buy: Click Here

    # Of Ingredients:  21

    Notable Ingredients:  Caffeine, Glycerin, Honey Extract, Chamomilla Recutitia Flower Extract, Lavendula Angustifolia Extract

    Quick Summary:

    LA Skinny is a relatively expensive cellulite cream with no money-back guarantee.

    Unfortunately, it comes in a jar which is a little unsanitary.

    But on the positive side it dries super fast, applies easily and has a clean “orangey” smell.

    This product leaves the skin feeling hydrated and ridiculously smooth immediately after application.

    Long term, it did not dramatically improve the appearance of my cellulite, but it did make my skin feel incredibly soft, and look more even.

    Detailed Opinion:


    LA Skinny Cellulite Cream is a white, super thick paste.

    It looks like clay in the bottle (which was weird at first), but feels like soft non-sticky lotion so I really enjoyed it.


    The only downside about the application process is that this product comes in a jar rather than a bottle.

    Although this paste comes in a jar (which is not my favorite because it can be unsanitary) it’s easier to apply than many others because it’s not runny or sticky.

    LA Skinny spreads nicely and dries in basically no time at all, which I LOVE.

    Drying Time

    LA Skinny Cellulite Cream dries in about a minute or so which is incredibly fast and super convenient.

    Smell (in the bottle)

    Luckily, this product has a very light pleasant citrus scent.

    The smell is a bit stronger in the jar, but fades after it has been applied to the skin.

    Smell (a few hours after application)

    After a few hours, the citrus scent fades to a very faint fresh orange smell.

    The awesome thing about LA Skinny is its clean scent really doesn’t interfere with any of my scented lotions or perfumes.

    Short Term Results

    LA Skinny Cellulite Cream immediately makes my skin feel moisturized, smooth, and soft.

    Since it dies so quickly, I can feel the difference in my skin directly after application, which is nice.

    Long Term Results

    After a few weeks, I could see and feel a difference in my skin.

    LA Skinny Cellulite Cream made my skin FEEL ridiculously smooth – that was definitely my favorite part about the results.

    It did make my skin look a little bit more “evened out” but nothing super noticeable.

    I would say this product somewhat improved the appearance of my cellulite by making my skin look more smooth and even, but the results were not drastic.


    LA Skinny contains only 21 ingredients, which in my opinion is great because it only has what is necessary.

    With so few ingredients, most are the traditional ones like caffeine and chamomilla recutitia flower extract.

    This product also uses lavendula angustifolia xxtract (lavendar), which is supposedly very helpful in fighting cellulite as well as improving the overall health of the skin.


    One bottle of LA Skinny Cellulite Cream costs $75.00, which is one of the more expensive products out there.

    At a bottle size of 6 oz that works out to $12.50 per ounce, which is pricey in my opinion.


    Unfortunately, I was unable to find any form of a guarantee on the LA Skinny website.

    Where To Buy

    To buy LA Skinny Cellulite Cream: click here.

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